Thank You, Self – Day 2



Thank you, Self.

Today went according to plan, and I’m grateful for that. But what I’m most grateful for was the moment when I reached the bottom of the hill up to my house.

It was raining hard enough that my jacket and leggings were getting pretty wet. The shoes I was wearing were not made to be worn in rain. It struck me that they were really no better than walking barefoot, and after being in climbing shoes the texture of the concrete would probably feel good.

So, bundled up against the night, I took my shoes off and walked up the hill.

The rain was heavy enough that it was running down the hill. As I walked it streamed over the tops of my feet, and the concrete-lukewarm even after the cloudy day-made the rain cool, not cold. It was not a long walk, but as I came up to my doorstep I found I didn’t want it to end.

Because as I walked, listening to a song I find really encouraging and with rainwater streaming over my feet, I felt content for the first time in a very long while.

And now, I can think of a few other moments that were much the same; walking barefoot into the ocean in the middle of the night to see the bio-luminescence dancing around my feet, or swimming in the Pacific Ocean in May (both happened on Quadra Island, actually).

So I am going to add a new Habit to my Habitica list; Do Something Impulsive. Bonus points if it is free. Maybe this whole time I’ve been trying to make myself feel better the wrong way. Maybe all I needed was to spend more time walking barefoot in the rain.

-Not Lost Girl

What is the last impulsive thing you did? Did it leave you feeling better or worse? What is your best impulsive memory?


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